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I liked hunt for lady what is a breeding kink wants hentai

An impregnation fetish is a paraphilia characterized by arousal or gratification from the possibility or risk of impregnation through unprotected vaginal sex. Please note that this term is a common name, and that this paraphilia is not actually a sexual fetish. There is no technical name for this paraphilia.

What Is A Breeding Kink

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My partner Sir and I sub both have a breeding kink. I feel that I'm always stuck with saying the same things "Fill me up with your cum, Give me your babies Any ideas of what Doms like to hear from their sub with a breeding kink? I know I can ask him what he likes to hear, but I kind of want to surprise him a little what is a breeding kink Edit: what a wonderful answers from everyone!

Years: I am 32
My sexual preference: Man
Eye tone: Lustrous brown eyes
What is the color of my hair: Short luxuriant white hair
What I prefer to listen: Rock
Other hobbies: Surfing the net
Body piercings: None

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Medically Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on November 16, On the other hand, a breeding fetish is focused on the act of impregnation. Most people engaging in breeding fetish are excited by the idea of pregnancy, but not what comes after.

A breeding fetish is a strong attraction to the idea of getting -- or getting someone else -- pregna nt. When it is more than role-play, however, breeding fetish comes with ificant risks.

A pregnancy fetish is an attraction to pregnant people. For some, breeding fetish may be more about role-play and fantasy, and partners engaging in it will use contraception.

You should also be cautious about ST D s. Unless you want to conceive and care fora contraceptive plan is critical. Safety Advice and Special Considerations Fantasizing about your breeding fetish while masturbating is a common and safe way some people enjoy it on their own.

Fantasizing about your breeding fetish while masturbating is a common and safe way some people enjoy it on their own. The fetish might include an appreciation for how bodies change during pregnancy.

Breeding roleplay can range from talking about the fetish during sex to actively acting out a scene. But for many, breeding fetish involves the exchange of body fluids, so partners risk getting STDs sexually transmitted diseases in addition to a potentially unwanted pregnancy.

Having any kind of sex without a barrier puts both you and any partners at risk of transmitting an STD. Sexual Health Reference.

When a breeding fetish with a partner is just about fantasy, it can also be safe.